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Amazon Prime Video is a very similar video component as are services like Netflix and Hulu. In this, you will get many categories of films and TV shows, from which you can unlimited streaming. You can take advantage of this, even more, you can take advantage of this by clicking here

How do I setup/register on Amazon Prime Video

In order to create your Amazon Prime Video account:

1. Go to Amazon Prime Video using your PC, and then select create your amazon account.
2. Follow the instructions on screen to create your new Amazon Prime account.
3. After your account have been created you will be directed to a page that will ask for your activation code.

Activate Amazon Video by Sign in to Amazon Account on TV

1. If you want to Activate Amazon by entering the account information on your tv.
2. Then You need to select that option by pressing the ok button on the Roku remote.
3. Further, it will prompt you with the login screen.
4. You will enter your email address and password of your Amazon Account.
5. After entering your Amazon account login information, this channel will ask you for the Amazon Video PIN.
6. Most people stuck with this option because they have no idea what is this Amazon Video Pin.
7. So Amazon Video users try different codes, and they also try Roku PIN.
8. If you Know your Amazon Pin, then enter it on the TV screen.

Amazon Prime Features :

1. Download videos to watch Amazon Prime offline – even on
2. With Chromecast, you cast to a screen larger than your iPhone and iPad
3. Watch IMDB data on actors, songs, and general knowledge related to watching videos with X-rays.
4. Watch your Apple TV by downloading your Apple TV by downloading different TVOS apps directly.